NAVAL STATION MAYPORT | Channel Deepening Project

Published Sept. 7, 2012

Naval Station Mayport (NAVSTA) is located in northern Florida, east of Jacksonville, along the St. Johns River and the Atlantic Ocean. NAVSTA Mayport maintains and operates facilities which provide support to the operations of deploying Navy ships, aviation units, and staff; both home-based and transient. It also provides logistics support for operating forces, dependent activities, and other commands as assigned.

Under the guidance of the U.S. Fleet Forces Command (USFF), NAVSTA Mayport was directed to prepare its facilities to support homeport surface ships and personnel. To meet these requirements, the Navy partnered with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to accomplish a portion of this task.


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in partnership with the Navy, implemented a construction dredging project to allow access and berthing without draft restrictions for a fully loaded Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier (CVN). The dredging project included dredging within the federal navigation channel (Jacksonville Harbor Bar Cut 3, Areas 1 and 2), NAVSTA Mayport entrance channel and turning basin.

To accommodate unrestricted access of a CVN, the channel was increased from the current depth of 42 feet to a depth of 50-feet. Two advance maintenance zones of 2 feet were included to accommodate high shoaling areas. To reach this project depth, the Corps dredged approximately 5.0 million cubic-yards of material. Disposal of dredged material occurred at two ocean disposal sites designated and managed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The disposal sites are located approximately 5 and 8.5 miles from the NAVSAT Mayport.

The project was awarded in August 2010 and completed in August 2012.


STEVE ROSS, Project Manager, P.O. Box 4970, Jacksonville, FL 32232-0019,, 904-232-1363