Tampa Big Bend Deepening FL (C)

May 2023


Tampa Big Bend Deepening, FL
Construction (C)
Congressional Districts: 12, 13, 14, 15, 16


The Tampa Harbor Big Bend Channel is located in the upper-east portion of Tampa Bay and is part of the Tampa Harbor navigation system. The Tampa Harbor-Big Bend Channel federal study received a Chief’s Report on October 13, 1998, and Congress authorized the project in Section 101(a)(18) of the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 1999 (Public Law 106-53). The principal features of the authorized plan consist of modifications to the Tampa Harbor navigation project to deepen the entrance channel, east channel, and inner channel at Big Bend from 34 feet to 41 feet mean lower low water (MLLW). The entrance channel would be widened from 200 feet to 250 feet for a length of 1.9 miles. Additionally, the existing turning basin would be deepened to 41 feet and expanded to provide a minimum width of 1,200 feet. An additional 2 feet of depth would be dredged in the channels and turning basin in conjunction with the initial construction for purposes of advanced maintenance.


Estimated Total Cost $85,100,000
Estimated Federal Cost $37,500,000

     a. Regular Civil Works Funds:

Allocation thru FY22 $10,499,000
Allocation for FY23 $0
President's Budget FY24  $0



Tampa Port Authority
Post Office Box 2192
Tampa, Florida 33601


The Big Bend Deepening project was awarded in September 2018. Physical construction was completed on 28 March 2019. Operation and Maintenance of the federal channel will be the responsibility of the federal government in perpetuity.


                                                              Map of Big Bend Deepening