Porpoise Point FL (103)

May 2023


Porpoise Point, FL (103)
Construction (C)
Congressional District: 5, 6


Porpoise Point is a waterfront community located in St. Johns County, Florida. The community is bounded by the Intracoastal Waterway, St. Augustine Inlet, and the Atlantic Ocean. The historical city of St. Augustine is located approximately 4 miles from Porpoise Point.

Recent Hurricanes Matthew, Irma, and Dorian, followed by numerous cycles of nor’easters, king tides, etc. has caused significant damage and erosion to the shoreline at Porpoise Point along with scoured local roadways which serve as the area’s hurricane evacuation route. The degraded roads have exposed utility lines and localized flooding is now occurring in the degraded areas.


Estimated Total Cost $800,000
Estimated Federal Cost $400,000


     a. Regular Civil Works Funds:

Allocation thru FY22               $201,000
Allocation for FY23 $0
President's Budget FY24  $0



St. Johns County Board of Commissioners
2740 Industry Center Road
St. Augustine, Florida 32084


The Feasibility Cost Share Agreement (FCSA) was executed on 28 August 2020. Since execution of the FCSA, the Project Development Team (PDT) has identified the initial array of alternatives. These alternatives, which consisted of rock breakwaters to prevent further erosion, were presented to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) to seek a policy exception from the Coastal Barrier Resource Act. On 1 April 2021 the USFWS sent a denial letter which stated that the selected alternatives did not meet the CBRA zone exceptions. As such, the study has been terminated with an official termination report completed in 2022.   

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