Fernandina Harbor (O&M)

May 2023


Fernandina Harbor (O&M)
Operations and Maintenance
Congressional District: 4


The authorized civil works project coincides with the authorized military project, Kings Bay Entrance Channel. The authorized project provides for two stone jetties at the harbor entrance, a north jetty 19,150 feet long and south jetty 11,200 feet long. The authorized project provides for a channel 46 feet deep 500 feet wide from the ocean to the entrance of Amelia River where the channel turns south and transitions to 36 feet deep and 400 feet wide. The channel then continues to the port facilities where there is a 1,000-foot wide, 35 foot deep turning basin adjacent to the channel. Just beyond the port facilities the channel transitions to 28 feet deep and 300 feet wide and continues to the split of Amelia River south of Little Tiger Island.


Allocation for FY23 $20,000
President’s Budget FY24 $0



Nassau County Ocean Highway & Port Authority
86130 License Rd #9
Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034


Maintenance dredging will be conducted in May 2023. Capability for maintenance dredging every 2 years will be expressed in future budgeting cycles based on shoaling rates.

The local sponsor is expected to rescind a request for a Section 216 Initial Appraisal for a deepening study due to a lack of local support.

Fernandina Harbor Kings Bay Operations and Maintenance Project Map