St. Johns County FL BEC (C)

May 2020


St. Johns County, FL BEC
Construction (C)
Congressional Districts: 4, 6


The St. Johns County FL storm damage reduction project begins approximately 2.5 miles south of the south jetty of St. Augustine Inlet. The purpose of this project is to mitigate for down drift shoreline impacts caused by the federal navigation channel at St. Augustine Inlet, and provide storm damage reduction to the upland development. The cost sharing for this project is 80.5 percent federal and 19.5 percent non-federal due to the impacts of the federal navigation channel to the down drift beaches. The renourishment cycle for the project is every 5 years.


    a. Regular Civil Works Funds

Estimated Total Cost $290,800,000
Estimated Federal Cost $233,800,000
Allocation thru FY19 $57,410,000
Allocation for FY20 $0
President’s Budget FY21 $0
    b. P.L. 115-123: Bi-Partisan Budget Act of 2018, Supplemental:
Current Working Estimate      $200,000
Allocation thru FY19 $200,000
Allocation for FY20 $0



St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners
2740 Industry Center Road
St. Augustine, Florida 32084


The 3rd periodic renourishment was completed on 18 June 2018. This contract placed ~800k cy of sand on critically eroded beaches along St. Augustine Beach. The project is currently being monitored annually for 3 years post construction as required by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Water Quality permit. The next renourishment is scheduled for 2023.


map and aerial photos of St Johns County beach area