Port Everglades Harbor FL (O&M)

April 2022


Port Everglades Harbor FL (O&M)
Operations and Maintenance
Congressional Districts: 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25



Port Everglades is a man-made port located in Broward County. The entrance channel is 45 feet deep by 500 feet wide by 5,100 feet long. The inner part of the entrance channel is 42 feet deep by 450 feet wide for a length of 4,800 feet through the main turning basin. The main turning basin is 42 feet deep over a rectangular area of 1,700 feet by 2,300 feet. The 31-foot deep north turning basin extends 1,100 feet to the north, tapering from 800 to 500 feet and the south turning basin extends approximately 1,100 feet southward and is 1,260 feet wide, with authorized depths of 31, 36, and 37 feet.  The south port channel is 42 feet deep by 400 feet wide and extends 9,356 feet south from the entrance channel. The turning notch is 42 feet deep by 750 feet by 1,000 feet, adjoining the south port channel from the west 6,500 feet south of the entrance channel. The total length of project is 3.5 miles.


Allocation for FY20 $178,00
President’s Budget FY21 $239,000



Port Everglades Department
Broward County
1850 Eller Drive
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316


The last maintenance event was completed in spring 2021. Approximately 300,000 cubic yards were dredged. The contract included additional work associated with dredging the Port Authority’s berthing areas and placement of beach quality maintenance material on the beach south of the inlet. Repairs to the southern jetty at Port Everglades was completed in spring 2021. Substantial moving and manipulation of the existing and new stones were required at select locations along the jetty.


Port Everglades Harbor Operations and Maintenance project map