Palm Beach Harbor FL (O&M)

April 2022


Palm Beach Harbor, FL (O&M)
Operations and Maintenance
Congressional Districts: 18, 20, 21, 22


The project is located in Palm Beach County on the lower east coast of Florida. Palm Beach Harbor provides an entrance channel 35 feet deep, 400 feet wide, and 0.8 miles long, merging with an inner channel 33 feet deep, 300 feet wide, and 0.3 miles long, then flaring into a turning basin with a 1,200 foot turning diameter, and jetties on the north and south sides of the inlet. Length of project is about 1.6 miles.


a. Regular Civil Works Funds:

Allocation thru FY22 $5,069,000
President's Budget FY23 $3,959,000

b. P.L. 115-123: Bi-Partisan Budget Act of 2018, Supplemental:

Current Working Estimate    $500,000
Allocation thru FY21 $500,000
Allocation for FY22 $0

c. P.L. 117-58: Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Supplemental:

Total Work Plan                                          $6,000,000

Allocation for FY22                                     $6,000,000



Port of Palm Beach
One East 11th Street, Suite 600
Riviera Beach, FL 33404


FY20 maintenance dredging was completed between November and December 2020 thereby allowing the draft restriction that located south of the inlet. Two of the three settling basins associated with the harbor remain full of material. Coordination continues with the Port of Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Town of Palm Beach, and Town of Palm Beach Shores for the FY22 maintenance dredging event, which is anticipated to clear the entrance channel, the settling basins, the inner channel, and the turning basin. The FY22 event is planned to occur between December 2021 and February 2022. 

North Jetty Repair Status –A contract award was executed in September 2020.Construction began in February 2021 and will continue through March 2021 The repairs include restacking displaced stone and hauling in new stone to return the jetty to its original construction template.


Palm Beach Harbor Operations and Maintenance