Fort Pierce Beach FL (C)

April  2022


Fort Pierce St. Lucie County, FL
Construction (1)
Congressional District: 18

The Fort Pierce Beach Shore Protection project encompasses 2.4 miles of shoreline running from immediately south of the Fort Pierce Inlet southward to Surfside Park. The project is on a 2-year renourishment cycle due to impacts to the beach from the federal navigation project at Fort Pierce Inlet. St. Lucie County prepared an integrated feasibility report and environmental assessment to evaluate alternatives to improve project performance over a 50-year analysis period to support authorization of a new modified project.


Estimated Total Cost $3,000,000
Estimated Federal Cost $1,500,000
Allocation thru FY21 $49,999
Allocation for FY22 $0
President’s Budget FY23 $0



St. Lucie County 
2300 Virginia Avenue
Ft. Pierce, Florida 34982-5652


Guidance for addressing conditions for implementation of Section 203 studies authorized for construction pursuant to Section 403 of WRDA 2020 was provided to the District in Dec 2021. Efforts are underway to develop a scope of work that outlines the tasks required to address concerns, recommendations, and conditions identified in the Secretary of the Army’s Review Assessment. A cost sharing agreement will also be prepared.

Fort Pierce Beach Shore Protection Project map