Rio Guanajibo PR (I)

June 2021


Río Guanajibo at Mayaguez, PR (I)
Investigation (I)
Congressional District: Puerto Rico


The Río Guanajibo basin is located in southwest Puerto Rico and includes portions of six municipalities with a total population of over 225,000. The drainage area is 140 square miles. Flooding is a serious threat to life and property in the towns of San German, Hormigueros, and Mayaguez. The recommended project includes a channel plan with a 10 year level of protection at San German in the upper basin and a system of levees that will provide 100 year protection for the urban areas at Hormigueros and Mayaguez in the lower basin.


a. P.L. 115-123: Bi-Partisan Budget Act of 2018, Supplemental:

Current Working Estimate $55,000
Allocation thru FY20 $33,099
Allocation for FY21 $0



Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources
P.O. Box 9066600
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00906-6600


The PDT is currently updating the existing recommended plan (NEPA, cost, economics) will be performed. This update will deem the project technically feasible, economically justified, and environmentally acceptable. Construction required under supplemental capability consists of channelization along the Guanajibo River in the town of San German, along with levees to protect the communities of Guanajibo Homes, San Jose Homes, Valle Hermoso Homes, and Buenaventura Homes.