Jacksonville Harbor FL (O&M)

June 2021


Jacksonville Harbor, FL (O&M)
Operations & Maintenance
Congressional Districts: 3, 4, 5


The Jacksonville federal channel is 40 feet deep from the ocean to River Mile 20, via Dames Point-Fulton Cutoff, thence 34 feet to Commodore Point, and thence 30 feet deep to the F.E.C. Railway Bridge at Jacksonville; maintenance of the existing 42 and 40 foot depth entrance channel; widening of channel by 100 feet near Mile 5 and by 200 feet near Mile 7; Maintenance of jetties at channel entrance; construction of training walls and revetments; a navigation and floodway channel 26 feet by 200 feet along south side of Commodore Point; and approach and mooring basin 20 feet deep, 1,300 feet long at 20 foot depth contour and 600 feet long at pier head line near Naval Reserve Armory in South Jacksonville, a depth of 24 feet between that depth contour and the pier head line from Hogan Creek to the foot of Laura Street; and a depth of 28 feet to within 60 feet long at pier head line between foot of Laura Street and St. Elmo W. Acosta (formerly upper state) Bridge.


Allocation for FY21 $9,572,000
President’s Budget FY22 $7,655,000



Jacksonville Port Authority
2831 Talleyrand Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32206-3496


Dredging of the federal channel is completed annually. During FY21 the Corps will complete two dredging contracts to include the Talleyrand Marine Terminal (40’ depth) and to maintain recently deepened areas (47’ depth) from River Mile 0 to 8.   

Jacksonville Harbor Operations and Maintenance project map