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Ponce de Leon Inlet (O&M)

March 2019


Ponce de Leon Inlet (O&M)
Operations and Maintenance
Congressional Districts: 6


The Ponce de Leon Inlet O&M project consists of an entrance channel which is 15 feet deep and 200 feet wide across the ocean bar; 12 feet deep by 200 feet wide and 12 deep by 100 feet wide to Indian River North; 12 deep by 100 feet wide southward to the Intracoastal Waterway (IWW); 7 feet deep by 100 feet wide in the Halifax River northward to the IWW; and ocean jetties 4,200 feet long and 2,700 feet long on the north and south sides of the inlet, respectively. The unstable nature of the navigation channel in Ponce de Leon Inlet is a continuing safety problem as recorded by the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard has documented vessel groundings, capsized vessels, and over 20 lives lost in the vicinity of the inlet. The entrance and interior channels require the Coast Guard to frequently monitor and relocate aids to navigation due to the need to identify safe water.


Allocation for FY19 $0
President’s Budget FY20 $0



Volusia County - Coastal Division
123 W. Indiana Ave.
Deland, FL  32720


The last commercial dredging event of the entire project was completed on February 19, 2019. Dredged material was placed in the nearshore of New Smyrna Beach. Typical shoaling is already starting in a few known hot spots. Typically, these hot spots are dredged annually with a government dredge; the entire project is typically dredged every 10 years. The north jetty was damaged by Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Irma and needs to be repaired.


Ponde de Leon Inlet Operations and Maintenance project map