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CERP C-111 Spreader Canal (C)

March 2019


C-111 Spreader Canal (C)

Construction General (C)

Congressional Districts: 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27


Congress authorized the C-111 Spreader Canal (C-111 SC) project in the Water Resources Reform Development Act (WRRDA) of 2014. The purpose of this project is to modify existing flow of water to more closely resemble that of historical pre-drainage conditions. The project is divided into two Project Implementation Reports (PIRs). The first PIR (Western PIR) focuses on restoring the Florida Bay via increased flows through Taylor Slough. The second PIR (Eastern PIR) will focus on restoring the Model Lands and Southern Glades.

The C-111 Spreader Canal Western Project will create a six-mile hydraulic ridge adjacent to Everglades National Park that will keep more of the natural rainfall and water flows within Taylor Slough. The hydraulic ridge will be created by constructing a 590-acre aboveground detention area in the Frog Pond area, installing two 225 cubic feet per second pump stations, and integrating other project features. The project will also begin restoration of the Southern Glades and Model Lands with an operable structure in the lower C-111 canal, incremental operational changes at the S 18C structure, a plug at S-20A, operational changes at the S-20 structure, and construction of earthen plugs at the C-110 canal.


Estimated Total Cost $177,200,000
Estimated Federal Cost $3,500,000
Allocation thru FY18 $3,230,000
Allocation for FY19 $0
President’s Budget FY20 $0


South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD)
3301 Gun Club Road
West Palm Beach, Florida 33406


The C-111 Spreader Canal project is one of the South Florida Water Management District’s (SFWMD) Expedited Construction Projects (formerly known as Acceler8). The SFWMD broke ground on construction of the recommended plan in January 2010 and completed construction in February 2012. In FY 2017, the Corps coordinated with the SFWMD regarding the potential effects of project operations on lands adjacent to the project and to calibrate and refine modeling assumptions. The SFWMD will complete modeling analysis of operations in Fiscal Year 2019 to support requirements for a real estate takings analysis, as required by the Chief’s Report. Subject to availability of funding, the Corps will review the analysis to confirm whether project operations affect adjacent lands prior to drafting and entering into a Project Partnership Agreement.


 Map of C-111 Spreader Canal project area.