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Environmental Documents

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Puerto Rico



US Virgin Islands


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NOI = Notice of Intent, NOA = Notice of Availability, PN = Public Notice,
EIS =Environmental Impact Statement, EA = Environmental Assessment,
FONSI = Finding of No Significant Impact, GRR = General Reevaluation Report,
LRR = Limited Reevaluation Report, PAC = Post Authorization Change,
DDR = Detailed Design Report, EDR = Engineering Design Report

Date Issued = Date of Notice, TBP = To be posted

Date Due = Date of Public Meeting, Hearing, or Workshop where applicable.
Otherwise, date comments due.


County/ Project

Proposed Action

Notices & Documents

Date Issued

Date Due

Other Locations

Kings Bay Navy Submarine Base

Maintenance Dredging, Camden County, Georgia

Statement of Findings, Department of the Army Permit

4 Jun 2014


District Wide

Gulf Regional Biological Opinion

Coastal Dredging and Construction, Gulf of Mexico (National Marine Fisheries Service)

Gulf Regional Biological Opinion 
-2003 Original Opinion
-2005 revision
-2007 revision
-Management Protocol, revision 1, Apr 2010



 South Atlantic Regional Biological Opinion Coastal Dredging and Construction, South Atlantic Coast (National Marine Fisheries Service)

South Atlantic Regional Biological Opinion
-1991 (original opinion)
-April 1997
-November 1997
-South Atlantic Division Protocol

Updated-Statewide Programmatic Biological Opinion (2015-SPBO) Beach Placement and Shore Protection, Coast of Florida 2015-SPBO 13 Mar 2015  
2011-Statewide Programmatic Biological Opinion Beach Placement and Shore Protection, Coast of Florida

Statewide Programmatic Biological Opinion, Beach Placement and Shore Protection (Superceded by 2015-SPBO)

Statewide Programmatic Biological Assessment (SPBA) to the US Fish and Wildlife Service

Jacksonville District Commitments in the SPBA


Amendments for 2013 emergency coastal and navigation projects
(click on date→)

22 Aug 2011




17 Feb 2011






28 Jun 2013
(South FL)

2 Jul 2013
(North FL)

22 Aug 2013

Programmatic Piping Plover Biological Opinion Beach and Near Shore Placement and Shore Protection, Peninsula of Florida


Amendments for 2013 emergency coastal and navigation projects (click on date→)

22 May 2013

28 Jun 2013
(South FL)

2 Jul 2013
(North FL)

Coastal Dredging and Beach Work in Florida SPBO, SARBO,P3BO, GRBO, SAD Protocol, P&S

Timeline Graphic,
11" X 17" (2-sided)

Mar 2015  
Cooperative Agreement on Manatees, Section 112(c) Marine Mammal Protection Act Civil Works Activities Affecting Manatees in Florida Treatment of Manatees and Coordination with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 19 Dec 2012  
Manatee Detection Demonstration of Commercial Off-the-Shelf Acoustic Technologies Technical Note, ERDC TN-DOER-E35 Dec 2012  

Multiple Counties

Manatee Pass Gates

Manatee Protection Plan at Selected Navigation & Water Control Structures in Central and Southern Florida

Part I, Report and Environmental Assessment

3 Oct 1995


Part II, Final Integrated Project Modification Report and Environmental Assessment 4 April 1997  
Central Everglades Planning Project Integrated Project Implementation Report and EIS Final Report/EIS link to EvergladesRestoration.gov 8 Aug 2014 3 Oct 2014

Puerto Rico

Fort San Geronimo, CAP 103

Coastal Storm Damage Reduction

Final Mitigation Plan



Feb 2011


Rio Culebrinas, Flood Control, Section 204 CAP Detailed Project Report

Main Text


- A, Hydrology & Hydraulics
-B, Geotechnical
-C, Design & Cost
-D, Real Estate
-E, Economics

June 2004  
    Application for Coastal Zone Consistency Concurrence 16 Oct 2014  
San Juan Harbor Navigation Project Mitigation


Final EA
-Through Append D
-Append E, Geotech

High Res drawings (11"X17")

2 Mar 2015

Rio Puerto Nuevo Flood Control Project Revised Mitigation Plan
Project Plans
Mar 2014
Highway 187, Piñones Mitigation

New Mitigation Plan

Letter to Agencies

Sep 2013

2 Oct 2013


US Virgin Islands







Canaveral Harbor, Section 203 Report

Sponsor prepared study for harbor improvements

- Report and EA

(link to GPO.gov)

 Dec 2012
11 Jul 2013


Brevard County Hurricane and Storm Damage Reduction Project Mid-Reach Segment, Integrated General Reevaluation Report (GRR) and EIS

Scoping Letter, Truck Haul

Record of Decision
Director's Report

Department Army Permit and Statement of Findings

Addendum to GRR/EIS

-A, Engineering Design and Cost
-B, Socio-Economics
-C, Real Estate
-D, Public Use
Determination and Cost Allocation
-E, Geotechnical
-F, Section 404(B) Evaluation
-G, Coastal Zone Consistency

-H, Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act Report
-I, Pertinent Correspondence and Mailing List
-J, Cumulative Effects Assessment

-K, Environmental Documentation
-L, Public Workshop Correspondence
-M, Value Engineering

11 Feb 2015

8 Sep 2014


17 Aug 2012

Mar 2014

Apr 2011

13 Mar 2015


Port Everglades O&M

Maintenance Dredging

- EA

Nov 2003


Port Everglades O&M Maintenance Dredging - EA
- EA, Appendices D-E
May 2005  
Port Everglades Port Everglades and Palm Beach Harbor, Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site (ODMDS) Final EIS July 2004   
Port Everglades Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site (ODMDS) Draft EA 27 Aug 2013  

Port Everglades Feasibility Study

Final Feasibility Study -Main Text 20 Mar 2015 20 Apr 2015
Port Everglades Feasibility Study Final EIS

-Main Text


-A, Correspondence
-B, 404(b) evaluation
-C, CZM consistency

-D, Natural Resources
Baseline Report, 2001
Benthic and Fish, 2009

Acropora Coral, 2010
Seagrass, 2009
Seagrass, 2006
Seagraqss, 2013

-E, Mitigation
-F, ESA consultation
-G, Coordination Act
-H, NOAA Fisheries Coordination, EFH
-I, Historic Preservation
-K, mailing list
-L, Comments on Draft EIS

20 Mar 2015 20 Apr 2015
Feasibility Study, Appendices A, Engineering
B, Economics
C, Real Estate
D, Correspondence
E, Dredged Material Management Plan
F, Cost
Broward County Shore Protection Project Segment II, FCCE Final FONSI/EA 3 Aug 2013 na
  Segment II, LRR



14 May 2014 13 Jun 2014








Naples to Gordon Pass, Florida

Maintenance Dredging

Draft EA

March 2013
28 Mar 2013
24 Jul 2013


Picayune Strand Restoration Project Design Refinements -larger area
-tieback levee for pump stations
-manatee mitigation feature
EA/FONSI Nov 2014  


Miami Harbor

GRR, Phase III, Feasibility Study

Study and EIS
Vol 1, Append A-H
Vol 1, Append I-M
Vol 2, Append A-C
Vol 2, Append D-F 

Feb 2004


Miami Harbor Deepening -Incidental Harassment Authorization, Marine Mammal Protection Act
-Biological Opinion, NMFS 

31 Jul 2012

8 Sep 2011

Miami Harbor Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site (ODMDS) 

- Final EIS
- Site Monitoring and Management Plan
- Site Monitoring and Management Plan, Revised

Aug 1995
Sept 2008

Sept 2011
Dade County Beach, Section 227 National Shoreline Erosion Control Development and Demonstration Program, Submerged Artificial Reef Training Structure EA/FONSI 24 Feb 2011  
Central and Southern Florida, 2012 Water Control Plan, Water Conservation Areas, Everglades National Park, and ENP South Dade Conveyance System Temporary Deviation from Constraint at Water Gauge G-3273


Notice of Availability

Aug 2013

22 Aug 2013


21 Sep 2013

Central and Southern Florida

G-3273 Constraint Relaxation/S356 Field Test and S-357N Operational Strategy

Notice of Availability
-A, Operational Strategy
-B, Coastal Zone Consistency
-C, Monitoring Plan
-D1, Correspondence
-D2, Correspondence

04 Feb 2015
May 2015
05 Apr 2015
Modified Water Deliveries 8.5 Square Mile Area Record of Decision 6 Dec 2000  
Interim Operation Plan Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS)

-Cover EIS
-Final SEIS
-A Court Order
-B Scoping Documents
-C Engineering
-D Hydrograph WCA3A
-E 404(b) Evaluation
-F ESA Coordination
-G Gov to Gov Coord
-H Duke Declaration
-I CommentsResponse
Record of Decision

22 Dec 2006 5 Feb 2007
Canal C-111 Expansion of Detention Area and Associated Features EA and FONSI 6 Jun 2012  
  GRR and EIS

Main Text
List Annex/Append
-B through E
-F through I
-A through C
-D through F

C&SF, CERP, WCA 3 Decompartmental-ization, Physical Model Notice of Availability
Supplemental FONSI
Correspondence with Fish and Wildlife Service
20 May 2015 18 Jun 2015








Jacksonville Harbor O&M Huguenot Park Lease Renewal Draft EA/FONSI

Park Management Plan

Dec 2012


  Bartram Island, Cell A, Erosion Control Public Notice
21 Feb 2014 10 Mar 2014

Jacksonville Harbor, Draft Navigation Study, GRR2

Pre-Report Presentations, 2012

- Overview
- Ecological and Water Quality Modeling
- Circulation and Salinity Modeling
- Water Quality Modeling
- Ecological Modeling, Preliminary

22 Oct 2012


Jacksonville Harbor, Final Navigation Study, GRR2 Final GRR2 and Supplemental EIS Final Main Text 7 Mar 2014 7 Apr 2014
  Appendices A, Engineering
B, Economics
C, Real Estate
D, Ecological Models
- main text
- Appendices
E, Affects & Mitigation
F, Pertinent Correspondance (scoping)
G, CZM Consistency
H, 404(b) evaluation
I, Air Emissions
K, Comments (on draft)
- 1 Response to Comments
- 2 NGO comments
- 3 Public comments A
- 4 Public comments B
- 5 Agency comments
L, EFH Report
M, Coordination Act Report (CAR)
N, Cost
   Chief's Report Report Submitted for transmission to Congress 16 Apr 2014  
Salinity Effects on Nekton, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Report 25 Jun 2013  
  Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code (EFDC) model -Literature Review, EFDC Model Application
-Question EFDC
6 Nov 2014

Nov 2014
Jacksonville Harbor ODMDS Public Meeting

- Overview
- Sidescan
- Analysis
- Site Designation

Meeting Presentation

21 Jun 2012  
  Draft EIS Main Text
25 May 2012 9 Jul 2012
Jacksonville Harbor, Mile Point Navigation Study, Final Report and EA

Main Report

- A

- B through F
- G through H

March 2012  
Duval County Beach Erosion Control Project Environmental Statement  Final Aug 1974  
  EA with MMS FONSI of 3 May 1995 22 Dec 1993  
  EA with FONSI  27 Jan 2005  
  BOEM EA on use of OCS Sand with BOEM FONSI of 4 Feb 2011 (link to boem.gov) Jan 2011  
  New Borrow Site, BOEM as Cooperating Agency Withdraw Notice of Draft FONSI 18 Sep 2014  
U.S. Marine Corps Support Facility, Blount Island Removal of Concrete Sill and Advance Maintenance Dredging Slipway Environmental Assessment and FONSI Apr 2010  


Flagler County Hurricane Protection and Storm Damage Reduction Project

Final Integrated Feasibility Study and Environmental Assessment

Study/EA, Main Text
- A, Engineering
- B, Costs
- C, Economics
- D, Geotechnical
- E, Real Estate
- F, Environmental
- G, Correspondence

Draft Chief's Report

Sep 2014



Okeechobee Waterway

Lease for RV Park, Moore Haven Lock


12 Feb 2014

14 Mar 2014




















Tampa Harbor O&M

Maintenance Dredging

Final EA

7 Oct 2011


Tampa Harbor, Big Bend Improvements and Maintenance Dredgeing Supplemental EA and Draft FONSI
Mar 2014

Indian River

IWW Jacksonville to Miami

Dredged Material Management Area IR-2

Baseline Mitigation Report for IR-2 and SL-2

Apr 2013


    1st Annual Mitigation Monitoring Report
-part 1
-part 2, photo documentation
Apr 2014  
  Maintenance Dredging Reach 1 Final EA May 2014  


Ft. Myers Beach, Matanzas Pass, Navigation Project

Maintenance Dredging


20 Sept 2012


Lee County Shore Protection Project Captiva Island, FCCE Final FONSI and Notice of Availability 11 Mar 2013  
Lee County Shore Protection Project Captiva Island, FCCE Signed FONSI 27 Mar 2013  
Lee County Shore Protection Project Captiva and Sanibel Islands FONSI 2 Feb 1996  


Manatee County Shore Protection

Anna Maria Island, FCCE


Jun 2013















Nassau County Shore Protection Project


Final EA

Updated FONSI

Feb 1999

27 Dec 2005


Fernandina Harbor Maintenance Dredging ( including use of ODMDS) Environmental Assessment and FONSI May 2000  
Kings Bay Navy Submarine Base Maintenance Dredging Statement of Findings, Department of the Army Permit 4 Jun 2014  













Palm Beach

Palm Beach Harbor

Port Everglades and Palm Beach Harbor, Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site (ODMDS)

Final EIS

July 2004


Palm Beach Harbor, Lake Worth Inlet Operations and Maintenance (O&M)


19 May 2015 18 Jun 2015
Lake Worth Inlet, Palm Beach Harbor Final Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement

Main Text

 -A1, Plates
 -A2, Hydrodynamic Modeling, Ship Simulation, Geotechnical, and Value Engineering
  -A3, Boring Logs and Laboratory Results

B-Cost Engineering and Risk Analysis and C, Socio-Economics
 -E1, Agency and Tribe
 -E2, 9 May 2013 Public Meeting, Comment and Response Tables, Public Comments
 -E3, Public Comments Continued

F, Real Estate and G, Preliminary Assessment, Dredged Material Management

7 Feb 2014 10 Mar 2014
Palm Beach County Shore Protection Project Jupiter-Carlin Segment, FCCE EA and FONSI 25 July 2013  
Palm Beach County Shore Protection Project North Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Ocean Ridge


Signed FONSI

16 Aug 2013

16 Aug 2013

Herbert Hoover Dike Supplemental Major Rehabilitation Report Final EA and FONSI 15 Jun 2015


Pinellas County Shore Protection Project

Sand Key


5 May 2011


Pinellas County Shore Protection Project Treasure Island FCCE nourishment Notice of Availability Final FONSI 10 Apr 2013  
Pinellas County Shore Protection Project Treasure Island and Long Key FCCE and Supplemental Signed FONSI 17 June 2013  


Sarasota County Beach Erosion Control

Venice Beach

EA through Append B
EA, Appendices C-E

15 Apr 2014

15 May 2014

    Final EA and FONSI 2 Jul 2014  
  Lido Key EA and Feasibility Report
- main text w/2004 addendum
- Environmental Assessment
- Appendices
Oct 2002 with April 2004 addendum  

Study of Big Sarasota Pass Sediment Mining Alternatives, Draft

GENESIS Shoreline Modeling Study

11 Jun 2014

May 2014

  Lido Key Additional Sand Sources

EA through Appendix F

Appendix G, Mining Alternatives Study

Appendix H, Sediment Compatibility Analysis

30 Mar 2015 14 May 2015
    Notice of Availability, FONSI/EA 30 Mar 2015 14 May 2015

St. Johns

St. Augustine Inlet and Intracoastal Waterway

Maintenance Dredging, Beach and Nearshore Placement North of Inlet

Draft Supplemental EA
Public Notice

April 2015
1 May 2015


  Maintenance Dredging, Includes inlet maintenance dredging for regional sediment management and beneficial use of the dredged material


Nov 2010
19 Jan 2011


St. Lucie

IWW, Jacksonville to Miami

Dredged Material Management Area SL-2

Baseline Mitigation Report for IR-2 and SL-2

April 2013


  Maintenance Dredging, St. Lucie County Reach I and part of Reach II Final EA and Signed FONSI May 2014  
Ft. Pierce Harbor Maintenance Dredging Final EA and Signed FONSI 24 Jul 1996  


Ponce de Leon Inlet, Operations and Maintenance

Maintenance Dredging



Feb 2013

26 Jun 2013