St. Augustine Florida Back Bay Feasibility Study

The St. Augustine, Florida Back Bay Coastal Storm Risk Management (CSRM) Feasibility Study will conduct activities and tasks required to identify and evaluate alternatives and produce a decision document that, as appropriate, recommends a coordinated and implementable solution for hurricane protection, storm damage reduction, beach erosion control, and other related purposes at St. Augustine, Florida.

In partnership with the City of St. Augustine and its stakeholders, the study will explore effective, economically-viable and environmentally-sound solutions to mitigate risks and build enduring coastal resiliency - and amidst the potential impacts of sea level rise on the city’s character and livability. 

A feasibility study is the first step toward a potential federally-cost shared water resources project that could be one piece of the City of St. Augustine’s overall, long-range flood resiliency strategy.

* The typical cost of a CSRM study is $3 million. The cost will be split 50/50 percent between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 

(USACE) and the City of St. Augustine, Florida.