US Army Corps of Engineers
Jacksonville District

Río Orocovis, PR (205)

March 2018


Río Orocovis, PR (205)

Construction (C)

Congressional Districts: Puerto Rico


This study was authorized under Section 205 of the Flood Control Act of 1948 as amended. The Municipality of Orocovis is located at the center of the island of Puerto Rico, approximately 43 kilometers southwest of the city of San Juan. The town sits within a narrow valley within the floodplain of the river. The town has been flooded, extensively, 20 times during the last 19 years with damage totaling over $43 million according to information provided by the office of the mayor. The plan of improvements consists of 2.0 kilometers of channel improvement, 331 meters of gabion revetment, replacement of 4 bridges and removal of 4 buildings.


Estimated Total Cost $910,000
Estimated Federal Cost $900,000
Allocation thru FY17 $814,000
Allocation for FY18 $0
President’s Budget FY19 $0

Project is a Section 205 Continuing Authorities Program (CAP) project.


Municipality of Orocovis
P.O. Box 2106
Orocovis, Puerto Rico 00720


A Preliminary Plan Report was completed in October 2003, justifying continuation into feasibility phase. However, study was ceased in 2004 when funding was interrupted in the Continuing Authorities Program. A Feasibility Cost Sharing Agreement (FCSA) was not negotiated or executed between the Corps and the local sponsor due to lack of Federal funding. This project will qualify for the Section 1032 exemption under WRRDA 2014. The Municipality of Orocovis expressed their desire to re-initiate this study and to move forward with execution of the FCSA. The FCSA was executed in September 2015. The feasibility study was terminated due to total project cost exceeding total per project Federal funding limit.