US Army Corps of Engineers
Jacksonville District

Río Grande de Loiza at San Isidro (205)

March 2018


Río Grande de Loiza at San Isidro (205)

Construction (C)

Congressional Districts: Puerto Rico


This study was authorized under Section 205 of the Flood Control Act of 1948 as amended. San Isidro ward is located adjacent, and northeast, to the confluence of the Rio Grande de Loiza with the Rio Canovanas, in a flat plain which is part of the flood-prone alluvial valley of the Rio Grande de Loiza and its main tributaries. This community composed of Valle Hills, Villa Hugo I, Villa Hugo II, Las Delicias, Monte Verde, and San Isidro has a population of 22,420. Every year these communities are threatened with severe flooding during periods of heavy rain, especially during hurricane season. The affected area includes, in addition to its residents and their properties, schools, daycare centers, churches, an industrial park (over 70,000 square meters of building space available) and all related water and energy infrastructure.


Estimated Total Cost $450,000
Estimated Federal Cost $450,000
Allocation thru FY17 $366,200
Allocation for FY18 $0
President’s Budget FY19 $0

Project is a Section 205 Continuing Authorities Program (CAP) Project.


Puerto Rico Department of Natural  
and Environmental Resources 
P.O. Box 5887 
Puerta de Tierra 
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00906-5887


A Feasibility Cost Share Agreement was executed May 2016 with DNER. The feasibility report was initiated on August 2016. The feasibility study was terminated due to total project cost exceeding total per project Federal funding limit.