US Army Corps of Engineers
Jacksonville District

Río Grande de Manati, PR

March 2018


Río Grande de Manati, PR

Construction (C)

Congressional Districts: Puerto Rico


This project was specifically authorized in Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 1999. The Río Grande de Manati basin is located in the north central region of Puerto Rico and covers 202 square miles. The overflow of this river results in frequent severe flooding of the entire town of Barceloneta. The recommended plan provides 100 year flood protection and consists of 5,300 meters of levee around the town of Barceloneta as well as channel diversion and interior drainage facilities.


Estimated Total Cost $23,400,000
Estimated Federal Cost $15,500,000
Allocation thru FY17 $14,700,000
Allocation for FY18 $0
President’s Budget FY19 $0


Puerto Rico Department of Natural  
and Environmental Resources 
P.O. Box 5887 
Puerta de Tierra 
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00906-5887


This project was originally pursued under Section 205 of the Continuing Authorities Program (CAP). The project was approved for construction in March 1999 and the PCA was executed in May 1999. As its scope exceeded that of the typical CAP project, specific authorization was sought and obtained in WRDA 1999. The construction contract was awarded in September 2001 for $10.5 million. Due to major flooding events caused by Tropical Storm Jeanne and the requirement for blasting in the borrow area; modifications to the construction contract were issued at a cost of $3.7 million. The final contract value was $14,200,000. This project was transferred and accepted by the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources on 18 May 2010.