National Shoreline Management - Southeast Coastal Assessment (I)

March 2018


National Shoreline Management-Southeast Coastal Assessment, FL

Investigations (I)

Congressional Districts: 26


The Water Resources and Development Act of 1999, Section 215c authorized the National Shoreline Management Study to support resilient and sustainable coastal systems in the United States by facilitating a risk-informed, systems approach to U.S. shoreline management. These efforts include examining the Nation’s shorelines to provide a basis for Federal action regarding shoreline management, providing a technical basis and analytical information for shoreline and sand management recommendations, and identifying roles for federal and non-federal participation in shoreline management. NSMS collaborations include research efforts, interagency events, and products relating to coastal science, shore protection and coastal management.


Estimated Total Cost $500,000,000
Estimated Federal Cost $500,000,000
Allocation thru FY17 $500,000,000
Allocation for FY18 $0
President’s Budget FY19 $0


Work on the Southeast Coastal Assessment began in fourth quarter of FY17. The effort is an assessment of risk and resiliency of vulnerable populations located in the southeast coastal areas to sea level rise, climate change and risk associated with tidally-induced storm surges.