US Army Corps of Engineers
Jacksonville District

Horseshoe Cove FL (O&M)

March 2018


Horseshoe Cove FL (O&M)

Operations & Maintenance

Congressional Districts: 2


Horseshoe Cove is a Federal navigation project located on the Gulf coast of Florida, about 80 miles north of Tampa. The authorized project consists of a channel 1.75 miles long and 6 feet deep from the Gulf to the village Horseshoe Beach. It includes an irregular shaped boat basin at the shoreward end of the project with an authorized depth of 6 feet. The original channel was constructed in 1959. Project condition surveys have been conducted periodically since original construction. 


Allocation for FY18 $0
President’s Budget FY19 $0


Dixie County
Post Office Box 1206
Cross City, Florida 32628


FY 2017 supplemental funds were provided to complete plans and specifications, permitting, and initiate maintenance dredging. Approximately 84,000 CY of shoal material from Horseshoe Cove Entrance Channel and Turning Basin. The project was advertised to dredge the required depth of 6-feet plus 1-foot allowable over depth with material being placed in the upland disposal area located approximately 4600 feet northeast of the Turning Basin. Project funding was pulled by Headquarters during the advertisement period to address other needs around the nation as a result of Hurricane Irma. Project solicitation was officially terminated on 30 January 2018.

Horseshoe Cove Operations and Maintenance project map