St. Johns County, FL Coastal Stork Risk Management Feasibility Study (Ponte Vedra Beach)

April 2022


St. Johns County, FL Coastal Stork Risk Management Feasibility Study

(Ponte Vedra Beach)

Congressional Districts: 4, 6



The St. Johns County, FL Coastal Storm Risk Management Feasibility Study (Ponte Vedra Beach) was authorized by the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure of the United States House of Representatives (Docket 2646), in accordance with Section 110 of the Rivers and Harbor Act of 1962, Public Law 87-874. The study will identify and evaluate alternatives and the preparation of a decision document that, recommends a coordinated and implementable solution for coastal storm risk management at Ponte Vedra Beach from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Range Monuments R-1 (boundary of Duval County, FL) to R103.5 (start of existing St. Johns County, FL South Ponte Vedra Beach and Vilano Beach federal project). 



Estimated Total Cost

Estimated Federal Cost

$ 3,000,000

$ 1,500,000

  1. Regular Civil Works Funds:

Allocation thru FY21

Allocation for FY22

President’s Budget FY23

$ 500,000



  1. P.L. 117-58: Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Supplemental:

Total Work Plan

Allocation for FY22

$ 1,000,000



St. Johns County Board of Commissioners
2740 Industry Center Road
St. Augustine, Florida 32084



The project delivery team is currently working on future-without-project modeling (FWOP) to identify areas of shoreline most vulnerable to future storm events. The upcoming key milestones/dates include identification of the Tentatively Selected Plan (TSP) Nov 2022, Release of the Draft Report for Public/Agency Review Jan 2023, the Agency Decision Milestone (ADM) May 2023 and signing of the Chief’s Report April 2024.