Río Fajardo, PR (205)

March 2019


Río Fajardo, PR (205)
Construction (C)
Congressional District: Puerto Rico


Río Fajardo flows east from El Yunque rain forest. The coastal region is a state forest of wetlands and mangroves. Downstream of Highway 3 the river flows along the southern edge of town. The town of Fajardo is the principal urban center in eastern Puerto Rico. Property subject to flooding includes commercial establishments, a pharmaceutical industry, schools, post offices, Port facilities, the wastewater treatment plant, and agricultural lands. The recommended plan consist of about 2.1 kilometers of levees, two road ramps, one low flow structure, and interior drainage facilities. This project is authorized under Section 205, Flood Control Act 1948, as amended.


Estimated Total Cost $13,800,000
Estimated Federal Cost $7,000,000
Allocation thru FY18 $7,000,000
Allocation for FY19 $0
President’s Budget FY20 $0

Project is a Section 205 Continuing Authorities Program (CAP) Project.


Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER)
P.O. Box 366147
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936


The project reached the total per-project Federal funding limit with the completion of Phase 1. Phase 2 would complete the project but would require 100% non-Federal funding. Even though entire project was not completed, the features constructed have already generated flood damage benefits to the communities along the lower basin. Construction contract claim settled in December 2016. Sponsor funds provided to reimburse the judgment fund for settlement of the claim.