San Juan Harbor PR (O&M)

June 2021


San Juan Harbor, PR (O&M)
Operations and Maintenance
Congressional District: Puerto Rico


San Juan Harbor is located within the San Juan Metropolitan area along the north coast of Puerto Rico. It is the Commonwealth’s principle port handling over 75 percent of the island’s non-petroleum waterborne commerce and is the only harbor on the north coast affording protection in all types of weather. Over 13 million tons of commerce now moves through the harbor annually. The project consists of a Bar Channel with depths stepping from 56 to 49 feet, a 40-foot deep Anegado channel, a 40-foot deep Army Terminal Channel, a 39-foot deep Puerto Nuevo Channel, a 34-foot deep Sabana Approach, a 36-foot deep Graving Dock Channel, a 30-foot deep Graving Dock Turning Basin, a 36-foot deep San Antonio Channel, a 30 foot deep extension to the San Antonio Channel, two 36-foot deep Cruise Ship Basins, a 36-foot deep Anchorage Area E, and a 30-foot deep Anchorage area F.


Allocation for FY20 $723,000
President’s Budget FY21 $4,070,000



Puerto Rico Ports Authority
P.O. Box 362829
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936-2829


The last maintenance dredging contract was completed in September 2017. Approximately 500,000 cubic yards of maintenance material was dredged. The next maintenance dredging event is scheduled for 2022. Section 103 testing contract will initiate in the summer of 2020.

map of San Juan Harbor PR