Miami Harbor Improvements Study (I)

June 2021


Miami Harbor Improvement Study
Investigations (I)
Congressional Districts: 23, 24, 25, 26, 27


The Miami Harbor Navigation Improvement Study will assess national economic benefits of potential navigation improvements to Miami Harbor. Current alternatives under consideration in addition to the no action plan include widening and/or deepening specific areas within Miami’s federally authorized channels. Issues that are anticipated include concern for hard bottom/reef communities, turbidity and sedimentation associated with dredging operations, seagrasses, threatened and endangered species, and cultural, commercial and recreational resources. The base year for the study is 2025, with a 50 year planning horizon and will examine both containership and cruise vessels that exceed current sizes transiting the Port today.


Estimated Total Cost $3,200,000
Estimated Federal Cost $1,700,000
Allocation thru FY20 $1,700,000
Allocation for FY21 $0
President’s Budget FY22 $0

*Estimated Total Cost and Federal Cost include $200,000 for Independent External Peer Review (IEPR), which are 100% federal Costs. 


Port Miami
1015 North America Way, 2nd Floor
Miami, Florida 33132


The study for additional channel improvements is nearing critical milestones for a Tentatively Selected Plan this spring. Recently completed efforts include ship simulation, economic evaluations of future without and with project conditions, commodity and future fleet forecasting, as well as geotechnical and environmental assessments of current conditions. The study is examining necessary design changes to accommodate 14kTEU and 18kTEU vessels into the Port of Miami. Further study requirements and refinements have mandated that additional ship simulation be performed for a 10/11k TEU vessel class. In addition, environmental requirements due to the coral and seagrasses habitat that surrounds the harbor channel limits have prompted a 3X3X3 waiver request for additional time (3.75 years) and funds ($4.4M). Waiver package got concurrence from the Non-Federal Sponsor on February 2021. Waiver will be submitted to ASA (CW) immediately through the Corps of Engineers Chain of Command.

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