Manatee Harbor FL (C)

June 2021


Manatee Harbor, FL
Construction (C)
Congressional Districts: 14, 15, 16


The project provides a 40 foot deep by 400 foot wide entrance channel and basin wideners at the northwest end of the entrance channel, and a turning basin 1300 feet in diameter. The entrance channel extends approximately 3 miles from the turning basin to its intersection with the Tampa Harbor Main channel. Phase I was completed in December 1996 providing a clean entrance channel. Phase II was completed in December 2005 providing new wideners and turning basin enlargement. Phase III was completed in 2012 and included construction of the south channel extension.


Estimated Total Cost $76,200,000
Estimated Federal Cost $49,600,000
Allocation thru FY19 $38,648,000
Allocation for FY20 $0
President’s Budget FY21 $0



Manatee County Port Authority
Port Manatee/Tampa Bay
300 Tampa Bay Way, Suite I
Palmetto, Florida 34221-6608


The Jacksonville District has completed a Section 156 Reimbursement Report/Integral Determination Report (IDR) for the inclusion of the Manatee County Port Authority constructed south channel extension (1590 feet long by 400 feet wide) as part of the authorized project. The IDR was approved by SAD in April 2019. A section 204 (f) WRDA 2014 assumption of maintenance agreement was executed in December 2019 and maintenance of the south channel extension was included in the maintenance event completed in March 2020. Portions of the Phase III cost shared work may be reimbursed up to $5.759M, subject to the availability of funding.

Manatee Harbor Construction Map