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Tampa Harbor FL (O&M)

March 2019


Tampa Harbor FL (O&M)
Construction (C)
Congressional Districts: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16


The total project consists of a channel from the Gulf of Mexico to Port Tampa and Tampa, FL. Project features include the entrance channel from the Gulf of Mexico to Hillsborough Bay. At Hillsborough Bay, the channel splits into two legs, with one continuing west to Port Tampa and the other east to Gadsden Point. The west channel continues to Port Tampa and ends in a turning basin. The west channel to Gadsden Point includes the Alafia River, Port Sutton, East Bay and Seddon Channels. The project depth varies from 45 feet in the entrance channel at the Egmont Bar Channel to 30 feet in the Alafia River. Length of project is about 67 miles including 3.6 miles in the Alafia River. The Port of Tampa has more cargo tonnage than all other Florida ports.


a. Regular Civil Works Funds:

Allocation for FY19 $1,470,000
President’s Budget FY20 $8,530,000

b. P.L. 115-123: Bi-Partisan Budget Act of 2018, Supplemental:

Current Working Estimate $5,000,000
Allocation thru FY18 $5,000,000
Allocation for FY19 -$2,000


Tampa Port Authority
Post Office Box 2192
Tampa, Florida 33601


The Jacksonville District is currently completing the FY19 operation and maintenance dredging contract of the entrance channel with beach placement on Egmont Key. Plans & Specifications are currently in progress for maintenance dredging of the Tampa Bay main channel with award scheduled for December 2019.

Tampa Harbor Operations and Maintenance project map