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St. Petersburg Harbor (O&M)

March 2019


St. Petersburg Harbor (O&M)
Operations & Maintenance (O&M)
Congressional Districts: 12, 13, 14


The authorized project includes an entrance channel 24 x 300 feet from Tampa Bay southerly along the south side of the Port of St. Petersburg Harbor, a 24-foot depth in the port basin and in the area between the channel entrance and the Maritime Service south bulkhead.


Allocation for FY19 $0
President's Budget FY20 $0


City of St. Petersburg, Department of Public Works
PO Box 2842
St. Petersburg, Florida 33731


Project dredging was completed 27 Mar 2018. Contractor demobilization was completed Apr 2018. Construction contract for the project was awarded in August 2017 to Orion. A Preconstruction conference was conducted 17 Oct 2017. The Scope of Work for this project consists of maintenance dredging of the Upper and Lower Sparkman Channel, East Bay, Port Sutton, and Ybor Channel. For St. Petersburg Channel the scope of work consists of dredging material from the Turning Basin and Entrance Channel. All material will be removed and placed in 3D dredge management disposal area in Tampa Harbor. Additional time was added to the contract duration to account for standby delays during a manatee incident at Port Sutton. Physical completion of this contract was 14 Jun 2018. Authorized dredging project cost was $2,734,488.