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CERP Broward County Water Preserve Areas (C)

May 2020



Broward County Water Preserve Area
Construction (C)
Congressional Districts: 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25


This project consists of three (3) components: C-11 Impoundment, C-9 Impoundment, and Water Conservation Area (WCA) 3A/3B Seepage Management Area which was authorized by the Water Resources Reform Development Act (WRRDA) 2014. The impoundment areas will 1) aid in reducing seepage from the WCA 3A/3B Seepage Management Area, 2) provide groundwater recharge, 3) provide additional water supply to urban areas, and 4) help prevent saltwater intrusion. The purpose of the WCA 3A/3B Seepage Management Area will focus on seepage reduction by allowing higher water levels in the L-33 and L-37 borrow canals. The purpose of the C-11 Impoundment is to direct runoff from the western C-11 drainage basin into the impoundment in lieu of pumping the untreated runoff via the S-9 Pump Station into the WCA 3A. If water is not available in the impoundment area to perform these functions, S-381 will be opened to allow seepage water to recharge the basin and prevent excessive dry outs. In addition, seepage will be collected and returned to the impoundment area. The purpose of the C-9 Impoundment is to pump runoff from the western C-9 drainage basin and diverted water from the western C-11 Basin into the impoundment. As a result, this impoundment will assist in reducing seepage from the WCA 3A/3B Seepage Management Area.


Estimated Total Cost $1,330,200,000
Estimated Federal Cost $960,000,000
Allocation thru FY19 $439,820,000
Allocation for FY20 $11,000,000
President’s Budget FY20 $1,200,000



South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD)
3301 Gun Club Road
West Palm Beach, Florida 33406


The project was authorized for construction by the Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014 (WRRDA 2014). The Project Partnering Agreement (PPA) for the BCWPA project was executed in fiscal year 2016.

Construction of the three project components will start with the C-11 Impoundment component (C-11), followed by the WCA 3A/B Levee Seepage Management (SMA) component, and finally the C-9 Impoundment component (C-9).

The Corps completed a construction contract for the Mitigation Area A Berm, a portion of the C-11 component in February 2019. FY18 Work Plan funds were provided for the development of C-11 plans & specifications (P&S). Modeling and data collection is underway to support development of P&S for the C-11 Impoundment. The Broward County WPA project was not funded in the FY19 President’s Budget, however, it was included in the amendment to the FY20 President’s budget for a total of $11M. The budget amount allows for the continuation of C-11 P&S.  The FY21 President’s Budget provides $1.2M to continue design. Based on the current schedule and funding, the construction contract for the remaining features of the C-11 impoundment is scheduled for FY22. The other two remaining project features are currently scheduled to be awarded in FY26 and FY29 subject to funding availability.

map of BCWPA project area