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Regulatory rotating imagesThe Regulatory Mission

Jacksonville District administers the largest regulatory permitting program in the Corps, which provides protection for waters of the United States, including federally delineated wetlands and navigable waters.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Regulatory Program began in 1890 with the responsibility of protecting and maintaining the nation’s navigable waterways. As a result of changing public needs and evolving policy via new laws and court decisions, protection has been extended to all waters of the United States, including many wetlands.

Jacksonville District Regulatory Division has jurisdiction over the geographic area of Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Division is geographically aligned in two Permitting Branches, which are further divided into nine Sections, and a Special Projects and Enforcement Branch.

Emergency Permitting

If you have an emergency permitting situation, please complete the Emergency PCN Document and submit to the following general mailbox
saj-rd@usace.army.mil or submit directly to your local Regulatory Field Office by clicking the appropriate link on the map. Please include the words "Emergency Permit Request" in the subject line.

Requests for emergency permits will typically be addressed within 24-48 hours from receipt. If your project requires additional information and/or consultation with the resource agencies, you will need to complete the Emergency Permit Information Questionnaire.

Read the Public Notice regarding Emergency Permitting following Hurricane Michael (October 11, 2018): ALTERNATIVE PERMIT APPLICATION PROCESSING PROCEDURES FOR ACTIVITIES IN RESPONSE TO HURRICANE MICHAEL

Read the News Release (October 11, 2018): Corps of Engineers announces emergency permitting procedures following Hurricane Michael

Read a brief summary of the Emergency Permitting Process.

If you have general questions about our regulatory program, you may contact the Jacksonville District Regulatory Division at 904-232-1177.